Environment Protection

The Intersnack Group supports the EU circular economy approach and is committed to
  continuously working on the prevention, reduction and recyclability of our packaging materials: 

•       We aim to reduce 10% of our packaging material by 2022 (on a 2014 baseline) by continuously exploring further optimization of and more efficient material use in our existing packaging portfolio.
•       By 2025 we strive for 100% of our plastic consumer packaging to be recyclable.
In order to achieve our ambition we depend on and will contribute where possible to
•       The development and availability of recyclable foils by the packaging industry
•       A further development & improvement of waste collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure across Europe
•       Consistent (implementation of) legislation and government incentives across Europe
•       Correct disposal of packaging by consumers.  
Therefore we actively engage in stakeholder alliances, public-private partnerships and cross-industry initiatives to support the development of innovative solutions.
In the meantime we will continue to assure and safeguard the quality of our products and the      functionality of our packaging material to prevent unnecessary food waste.